Where`s My Stimulus Check?

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Where`s My Stimulus Check? With the need for financial aid due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the government has issued the first stimulus check end of March 2020. The first stimulus check was intended for small businesses, households, and families who got severely affected by the pandemic. For those, who were not eligible for the first stimulus check or did not receive it, the government has issued the second stimulus check. However, it turns out that some people have still missed out on it. This is why the government had issued the third stimulus check. If you somehow missed out on all the payments and also concerned yourself with the question “where´s my stimulus check” then keep reading this article.

There are multiple ways how you can receive your first stimulus check:

● Direct deposit

IRS can make a money transfer in the amount of max $1,200 in case you are eligible for it to your bank account.

● Part of your tax refund

If you didn’t receive your first stimulus check, you can file for the Recovery Rebate Credit and get it at a later stage.
In essence, the distribution of the second stimulus check is exactly the same as for the first stimulus check.

where's my stimulus check

Where`s my stimulus check?

If you are wondering “where`s my stimulus check”, IRS has already issued three Economic Impact payments. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use the Get My Payment application to check your payment status anymore. Even though the majority of the people have already received either first or second stimulus checks, those who have not, have the possibility to claim a Recovery Rebate Credit for the tax year 2020 or even 2021.

Foreseeing all the questions like “where’s my stimulus check”, IRS offers an online private account to view the amounts of the first and second stimulus checks you are eligible for. When logging into the account, make sure nobody has access to your log-in details. The amount of the first stimulus check and second stimulus check will be displayed under the Tax Records page.

Additionally, IRS will send Letter 6475 to the address you stated in the application form for your first or second stimulus checks. The total amount of the first stimulus check, second stimulus check, and all the related plus-up payments for the tax year 2021 will be also mentioned in the letter.

Bear in mind: when filing for your 2021 federal tax return in 2022, married couples or joint individuals will have two separate online accounts with different log-in details, and they will receive two different letters stating half of the total payment amount they are entitled to.

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Why didn`t I receive my stimulus checks?

There are multiple reasons for you to ask “where`s my stimulus check”, namely:

● You might have stated the wrong contact details

An IRS will only use the information you have provided when filing for the first or second stimulus checks. If you changed your residence, please make sure you have stated the correct address online. It can also be that you have made a typo, and this was the reason your first stimulus check did not reach you.

You were not eligible for first and second stimulus checks, due to one of the following reasons:

● You were claimed as a dependent on someone else’s 2019 tax return

However, if this has changed in 2020, you can claim the credit on your 2020 federal tax return, for which you can file in 2021.
• Couples who applied for the first stimulus check jointly, but only one of the spouses had a Social Security Number (SSN), are not eligible, therefore. The only exception is the families, where one of the spouses is a military worker. However, this criterion does not apply to the second stimulus check. Moreover, if you did not receive the first stimulus check while meeting all the rest criteria, you could still file for the Recovery Rebate Tax Credit.

• If your annual income exceeded the following amounts:
- $150,000 for married couples and joint return
- $112,500 for households
- $75,000 for private individuals

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Who is eligible for the first and second stimulus checks?

Sometimes you could save hours of searching for the places “where`s my stimulus check”, IRS advises to have a quick look at the overall eligibility criteria of the candidates who want to file for the first stimulus check, or, alternatively, for the second stimulus check:

- U.S. Citizens or U.S. Residents
- Taxpayers with Social Security Number
- Income does not exceed $75,000/year

If after reading this article you still wonder “where`s my stimulus check”, IRS website has more detailed information at hand. However, we would highly recommend first checking whether you are eligible for the first or second stimulus checks, and only then going through the rest of the points.

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