Free Stimulus Check Calculator

Check Your Eligibility and Owed Amount for Stimulus Check from the Government

stimulus check calculator lets you calculate 2021 stimulus checks owed amount by the government. This website is free of charge. Use the information on this website to better understand your rights on government stimulus checks.


How much money can be received by government?

Depending on your martial status, the amount will vary. The initial amount starts at $1,400 per individual and adds up to $2,800 for couples. If you are dependent stimulus check should be $1,4000.

What does the stimulus check deposit depend on?

The amount received by the government varies from house hold to house hold. The government decides on the amount based on the number of dependents and filing status of the individual. Use our free stimulus check calculator to check your own eligibility.

How can I check my stimulus check status with the IRS?

You can google: Get My Payment IRS and find all relevant information on how to claim your stimulus check payment. The IRS is backed up now due to COVID, so responses are slower than usual.